Happenings. Instagram Style

1. Spencer reading- We both have been reading so much lately. His current reads include books for Anthropologie and Dave Ramsey. I have been reading The Baby Catcher by Jodi Picoult. OH. MY. GOSH. Read it. I have cried my eyes out throughout most of it, but it gives the BEST perspective. 
2. Valentines- Valentines day was very low key and perfect. We got take out. Rented Water for Elephants. Spencer protested because he thought it was a chick flick and ended up really liking it. I knew he would.
3. Shirt- Stripes.
4. Spencer napping- I tried to snap a photo of sleeping beauty. His favorite napping spot.
5. House Beautiful- I get SO excited everytime this magazine comes in the mail. It is one of the bests. Other magazines I would love subscriptions to include: Kinfolk, Rue, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Country Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, the Knot, and Bazaar (I love the photos).
6. Orchids- Spencer's Grandma passed away 2.5 weeks ago and our ward brought us over these beautiful flowers.

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