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I've attempted to make bread once in my life. Let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant experience. They were rolls in fact, and each time I bit into one, I worried I would lose a few teeth. It was that hard. After two years, I was able to emotionally get over that experience and mustered up the courage to try again. Now making bread is no quick process as most of you know. This ole' bread had to rise three times. But after four long hours, it was done. And didn't taste half bad.

We used to have a Bosch. Which lost its life in the fire and I am still grieving over. I heard you can't make bread with KitchenAid. But you can. But it's not the same. Needless to say we will get another Bosch. Rising for the first time in the KitchenAid. And then punching the bread. My favorite part.

Spencer thinking he is funny. Blood, sweat, and tears.

My silverware drawer. As trashy as it is, it is oh. so. nice. not having to separate those little punks everytime I was dishes. Spencer agrees. (are we really that lazy? yes)

Rising in the bathroom. Yep, the bathroom. I turned on the shower for steam and it worked wonders. 

OH hey Spence! I know how you love the camera. 

And rising. Again. (third time in case you forgot)

And 35 minutes later.....  My little ninos arrived. In all their glory.

I was so happy. I even thought about jamming out to Etta James - "At Last". Why didn't I?  

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Calista said...

Molly - you are awesome! But wow, too much effort! Not only did you make beautiful loaves of bread, but you are also taking pictures, you obviously cleaned house (unless you are always so tidy), and you blogged about it! What a woman!

You know you want to.

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