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A couple of weeks ago I sat down at my kitchen table with a blank canvas and some paint.  I was bound and determined to learn how to do this.  My sister is an amazing painter so I called her for tips.  She was going off about all these different types of paper and preparing a canvas, I had no clue what she was talking about while being impressed at the same time.  I started out with acrylic paint.  Okay this stuff NEVER gets off ANYTHING.  But I later learned that I was suppose to dilute it.  So then I switched to my good ole' tole paints.  These were much easier to use; however, you have to do several coats.

The painting is really ameteur but I had to start somewhere.  I let the canvas sit on my table for weeks because I didn't know what I wanted it to say.  My friend came by a few days ago and suggested, "Be you, bravely".  It was fate.  That's what it was supposed to say, although I couldn't quite fit the bravely.  This is a good reminder for me and hopefully anyone that sees it.  I am going to try again but using legitimate paint.  I got the canvas at Sierra's for 4.99 and it isn't a wrap so I can frame it.

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Anonymous said...

It turned out GREAT! I love it!

Bobbi Thomson said...

I LOVE everything you do Mols!

You know you want to.

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