Meet Spencer

I have been doing the blog for a couple years and have probably shared more than enough about myself; therefore, I decided it was Spencer's turn.  Meet Spencer.

1.  Dream job: Entrepreneur
2.  Only vegetable he likes potatoes.
3.  Favorite bands, hands down: Rolling Stones,  Led Zeppelin,  The Beatles
4.  Elite member of the Pebble Creek Mogul Wolves
5.  Never drinks the last of the milk carton, yet is the only one who drinks milk around these parts.
6.  Has a moustache.  For the first time.
7.  Loves the D.I.
8.  Has a large lego collection
9.  One of the select few Diablo-Trail Blazers.  I asked what that was, he said its secret.
10.  Fell asleep at a train for 6 hours once while it was derailed.  Woke up, it was still there.
11.  Would live in the 50's if he could.  He said there were cool planes and classy dudes.

He came up with about thirty interesting things, and 92% of them, he was being facetious.  We laughed pretty dang hard though.  I kinda like this guy.

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bethany said...

One hot stud.

You know you want to.

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