THIS little nugget.

Okay I lied, I am catching up right now.  Remember how I took some pictures of my friend's baby, June?  Well here she is in all of her glory.  I really love baby shoots.  They are so sweet and good 98.9% of the time.  People often ask me what props or outfits they should bring to baby shoots.  I always say no props and something simple.  I am not opposed to props, I just don't think they are always necessary. With these little ones, less is more.  Their scrumptious little feet, diaper bums, and perfect skin are all I need.  June was a real dream, as well as her mama.  My favorite photos of when the two of them were just playing together.  On that note, the baby's mama is the BEST prop.  I've said my peace.

4 love taps:

Morgan and Norman Reece said...

and kir :)

and these pictures.

hailey said...

i just died a little. these are gorgeous molly!

The Sissies said...

she really is the cutest little bean!

LoJo said...

I am in love with June!
And thank you for not using props. :)

You know you want to.

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