Some awesome things.

A few awesome things have been happening in my life these past couple of weeks.  Turning 24 was kind of awesome I guess, but the things listed below were much cooler.

For instance, graduating.... that was awesome.  Studying, not so much.

Oh, and picking handmade leather shoes up for 4 dollah from the D.I. ---- Awesome.

Another awesome thing was being given this camera from this sweet old lady in my ward.

My sister making me this little wall hanging from a picture I bought at D.I.  ---- $1 = double awesome.

And then this onetime, a good friend gave me a rad necklace for birthday and graduation ---- so sweet AND awesome!

Being written sweet notes of love and encourage from family in a journal.  Awesome.

Spencer's aunt teaching me how to sew my favorite dishtowels.  My skills - not awesome.  Spencer's aunt - awesome.

Wearing my new favorite article of clothing due to comfort and awesomeness.

My stepdad bringing me the prettiest roses for graduation.  Awesome.

Do you want to know what is most awesome?  Having such wonderful friends and family.  I feel SOOO darn lucky.  And by the way, how come no one has ever told me how large my head is?

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