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P. S. (Pre-script)  My Hair is awesome today.

It is sometimes overwhelming when you want to really and truly understand how to do a certain task.  My thoughts exactly on photography.  In all honestly, I hardly know anything about photography.  It is usually trial and error, as with most things.  Sometimes I find myself not being fully satisfied with my end products either due to comparison, self satisfaction, performance, et cetera.

But one thing I always love to do when I am feeling incompetent, is shoot random things around my house until I get the exact lighting I want.  I love this little drill because there is no pressure, just room for improvement.

One thing I have always told myself regarding photography and other skills I want to polish, is that I might not be exactly where I want to this very day, but if I stick with it, I might get there when I am 50, 60, 70, which is totally great.  I try and keep this perspective because Rome wasn't built in a day, and heaven knows, any skill isn't either.  I think the most important thing for me is to take the type of pictures that make me happy and truly represent what I want them to.

I always hear people say around town, "everyone takes pictures these days".  I think that is so dang awesome.  Think of all the people in the same boat as me.  Trying to figure out this complex piece of equipment and just wanting to capture the life around them.  Because it really is so. worth. capturing.

One of the most important things for me to do regarding photography and all aspects of my life.  Is to look it straight in the eye and every little corner, and make sure that my ________ (i.e. my actions, pictures, choices) intentionally align with my heart. 

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Joel & Alli said...

Molly, I love seeing all the pictures you take! I think you are wonderful and I can always see your fun personality and warm heart in your photography. So keep them comin girly! And ps I want you to take me on a fun photography nature hike one of these days :)

MollyLandonPhoto said...

Alli, I would LOVE for you to come! I miss seeing you!

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

you must have been feeling my vibes when you wrote this post. I just bought a Nikon DSLR and WOW!!!! there is a lot to learn! you by the way look like you are a pro, love your pictures!!!

You know you want to.

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