My favorite mama turns 55.

For Mama Kat's birthday we went to Park City for a little getaway.  We had so much dang fun.  We ate at fun restaurants, had some pretty funny interactions with Darryl from McDonald's, the bellboy with the moustache, and Harvey the hotel fix-it man trying to help us with the DVD player at midnight.  We definitely had bonding time in the jacuzzi that sat in the middle of the room.  Don't worry, we had our swimsuits on.  And Hailey dumped about a gallon of Epsom salt to help us 'relax'.  We hope Mama Kat felt special because we sure had the best time with her.  I made her let me take some pictures of her on our way out of town.  She is so so incredible, we love her so much. 

Hailey said it best.  She said anyone that knows our mama has either been touched by her, 
helped by her, or loved by her in some way.  This is so true.  
She is such a good person and we are so glad she is our Mama Kat! 

We searched ALL weekend for our favorite and traditional snack: Sixlets.  By about the 7th store searching for them, we found them.  And devoured them. 

Word to the wise.  We bought these sodas at World Market because the packaging was neat and they looked refreshing.  Too bad they tasted horrible.  Don't judge a bottle by its package. 

Hailey's favorite beverage: Virgil's rootbeer from World Market.
Least favorite: baby food strawberry banana smoothie from McDonalds. 

I'm an annoying travel partner.  Always asking people to take pictures of them.  
Danielle is a baba-licious though.  So it's all good.

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery. 

Danielle introduced us to some delicious eclairs.

And we wore the same outfits.  We planned it.  Not really.  

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sam and kyrsten said...

LOVE your mama! Seriously one of the greatest ladies i know. Happy Birthday lovely lady!

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