Branding 10,000 Lakes.

I have been following this awesome, awesome website called Branding 10,000 Lakes for some time and think is one of the most genius and creative projects I have come across.
Here is how Nicole Meyer, the art director behind this mission explains the purpose of this project:

"Lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly. This project was created to rethink what they could be.  One Minnesota Lake.   One Logo.   Every day.  Should only take a little over 27 years to hit 'em all. Stay tuned and enjoy!".

How creative is she?  My grandma would love watching this project unfold, she grew up on Gull Lake, which does in fact have a logo now.  Check out the website.  I think it is so neat.  What a perfect way to sharpen your graphic design skills on the daily. 

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Garrett said...

I saw this last week. It's a great find.

You know you want to.

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