Baby Boy.

My hermana (sister) is having a baby boy in t minus five weeks.  I am ecstatic.  This last weekend my mom and sisters and I all rode in an all women's bike race.  Hailey rode 50 miles!  At 8.5 months prego, she rocked it.  In a couple weeks we are throwing her a shower and I am lucky enough to be planning it with my mom.  I love any reason to throw a party, especially for babies.  We are doing it at Grandpa Leonard's house.  We do everything there, it's just plain fun.  Both sisters had their wedding celebrations there, and my graduation party, and my sister's super fun bridal shower, and bimonthly sunday barbeques.  Want to know how sweet Grandpa Leonard is, I asked him if we could do Hailey's shower there, and the next day I stopped by to find seven planters potted and filled with beautiful flowers for my sister's shower.  He really is that cool.

They have a name pretty much decided which is to die for and I can not wait to love on that little nugget.  And then in August, Spencer's sister is having a baby girl, Amelia.  I am in heaven with all these babies coming my way.

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sam and kyrsten said...

you have such an amazing family! congratulations hailey! im dying to know what you name him! i having having the HARDEST time with names!

You know you want to.

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