In need of help: kitchen.

One thing I learned very early on in marriage is how different families grow up eating.  Not that one way is the best, just different.  I grew up eating very simple meals.  My meals would typically include grilled meat, a vegetable, fruit, bread, and milk.  Spencer grew up eating a lot of homemade food with a lot of options at dinner.  He also hates vegetables, except potatoes, which should those really even count as a vegetable?  We'll say yes.  The only fruit he enjoys are bananas and strawberries.  And the one I love most but he doesn't: soup.  So I married the world's pickiest eater.  Luckily I like him a lot, needless to say I have stewed over what to cook this lad.

My perfect meal is the one above.  I like simple meals with good options.  So we make a good balance with this one in the photo.  I try and sneak stuff in for example in the dinner shown: he loves V8, he might eat veggies with homemade buttermilk ranch dip, he'll eat black beans if they are with rice, and he loves fruit dip which too will increase the likelihood of him eating fruit.  I say, whatever works.  So my question to all other ladies out there with picky eaters for husbands is what meals do your men love or how do you sneak in the goods?  Spencer is willing to try, but it has to be "good".   Lately he's loved likes spinach on his sandwiches.  That's a huge step, trust me. 

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Morgan Reece said...

Love this post! Cause I am a picky eater. :) not as bad as he is I don't think. But I hate all veggies but corn and potatoes. :) so this is funny. :) I am lucky enough to have a husband who will eat anything edible. :)

Stephensen's said...

V8....gross! Green smoothies..good.

MollyLandonPhoto said...

V8 fusion, chello.

You know you want to.

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