My sisters and I have been talking much about the impact of actions and how small actions can have huge impacts.  How they can change the course of so many things, relationships, path of life, outlooks, view points, et cetera.  One thing I love about my mom and sisters is they always remind me about small christlike acts that will make my life better.  Whether it be suggesting reading an uplifting article, handling a situation, being kind to others, with hopes of having nothing to look back on and regretting when I'm 80.  One thing my mom has told us from day one to have a fulfilling life is to daily: 1. Serve someone else, 2. Do something active, 3. Pray.  I feel so lucky to have amazing people around me where these things are brought up on frequent occasions to strive to be better, be kinder, live life more fully.  I love them so.  I am so so lucky.  I saw this quote and immediately thought of these beautiful people I have been influenced and loved by. 

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