my not so awesome story

alarm set for 5:00 am

woke up at 5:45 am

slapped my cheek a couple times to wake up.

didn't work.

fell asleep again.

woke up at 5:56 am

all is good, just have to hussle.

but, oh. so. tired.

finally get out of bed at 5:57 am

really tired.

walk into the hall.
its really dark.



smacked my head on the door.

the linen door was open and nailed me right in the face.

not exactly how i wanted to wake up. 

turning on a light would have been just fine.

BIG red goose egg down my face. 

show up to clinicals with BIG red goose egg down my face.

i sure know how to make an impression.

good news is...

i was on time.

impressive huh?

actually, not impressive.

that's my not so awesome story of the day :)

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sam and kyrsten said...

oh man. sounds like my day. i woke up late for class, so decided not to go to my first one... then slept through my next two. crap. not good. oh well right. very lovely. i want on old farm wood table! a HUGE one! your the best

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