If I could ride 100 miles... Go ahead sing a long.

This post is long overdue, but I am home and back in the swing of things until next week.

About a month and a half ago my mom rode in the a 100 mile bike ride for cancer.
She has ridden in it before but this time it meant a little more.  She dedicated her ride to Aubrey.

My mom thought that only Carrie and Chase were going to be there, but Aubrey, Beck, Dawson, and I jumped in the car and surprised her at the finish line.

I love my Mama Kat. She is such an inspiration and example to me. I love her so so much.

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sam and kyrsten said...

wow. this is so beautiful. i had no idea aubrey had cancer. i hope everything is ok. you will all be in our prayers. love to you. thanks for your support with my family too. you're the best!

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